GEMS was designed to be completely aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Our focus is guided by our School Accountability Plan which addresses four key priorities – Holistic Accountability, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, Positive School Climate, and Parent & Community Engagement. The plan outlines goals and strategies in each priority area to ensure GEMS continues to strive for excellence.

As indicated in the scope and sequence, GEMS students are exposed to three languages of study during middle school – French, Mandarin, and Spanish. These courses are accompanied by themed social studies courses: African Studies, Asian Studies, and Latin American Studies, respectively. This helps to provide exposure to multiple languages while also including a cultural and historical component to the language acquisition.

Each student at GEMS completes our advisory program which addresses the citizenship aspect to our theme. Students in the middle school will apply their learning through local community service experiences. Students in grades 9 through 11 will be provided opportunities to explore citizenship at the national level.

Seniors at GEMS will focus on what it means to be a global citizen. All seniors at GEMS will complete a comprehensive thesis project called the Senior Capstone Project. The Senior Capstone Project provides a culminating performance assessment which reflects the high level of rigor found in lower grade levels. The project requires a student to focus in-depth on a core question of his or her choice. It plays an essential part in demonstrating that a student has met academic and global citizenship standards. The project provides an opportunity for a student to stretch him- or herself while analyzing information, creating new solutions, and implementing ideas. The Senior Capstone Project begins with student reflecting on a topic of interest. The chosen topic is then explored by way of a core question that leads the student on a path of in-depth learning and research. Each student must organize and plan how to find answers to the question. The student will be guided throughout the process by his or her Advisor as well as other GEMS faculty.


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